Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pot Luck Practice 03 ~ Norman Gets Excited!

Had some animators block with this, I was going from one theme to another and back again but finally decided to stick to the TV one if I ever wanted to get this done.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just To Fill In the Gap

Haven't posted for some time so I thought I'll post up some imaginative creative works by other interesting mammals while surfing around till my next post.

Alex Trochut

A freelance artist into both Typography and Illustration, great use of graphical shapes as typo as well as the silhouette of a type for illustration and a jumble of both to create some of the most awesome graphical illustrious typography.

It's amazing how
just by using black you could create depth and texture through graphical lines and shapes, example for "10 ways", it's smooth and slick with oil like vinyl records, pieces of plastic layered on top of each other the flow of energy.

Vlad Artazov ~ Nail Series

Photographer from Czech Republic.

Actually crossed through his work through Victor Navone's blog, and like Victor said it's a great thing to study the staging, lighting and just the kinds of personality and character which a regular nail can portray.

Strange thing though, I find that the BWhite photos evoke a stronger emotion and believability that the nails are alive compared to the Coloured photos, maybe the colours just made it too realistic and not as impressionistic compared to the BW.

Anyway enjoy, till my next update.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pot Luck Practice 02 ~ Norman Moonwalks

It's strange how somethings come around in a odd karma~tic sorta way. Before going down to Singapore for CGOverdrive last month I picked out MJ Moonwalk from my pot luck practice and come 3 weeks later MJ passes away.

It was going to be such a cliche animation but either way it would be great to study MJ's illusion of walking while gliding backwards, so I pulled out my Double Gold Disc MJ History album and MJ's one and only Moonwalker the movie. Things I'd had to take care was to make sure it looked convincing and that Norman was doing a sliding walk and not just floating backwards and the other thing was to make it look as though it had the illusion of weightlessness while trying to maintain some sort of weight to the animation itself, which in a way is an oxymoron for animation principles.

Anyway here it is, any feed back would be appreciated.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

11 Second Club June 2009

I just wanted to get my hands back into 2D and break away from 3D for a while. It was refreshing and interesting. Firstly, I'll admit that it's horrible, it's off model, lack of frames, generic posses etc.... but it was sure fun and a hell lot of work :)

Oh got 34th/137 position with an average vote of 5.38. June's competition has a lot of great 2D entries, check out the excellent 2D animation winner ~ BJ Crawford.

The only thing I think is the best part of the whole animation is the sleeve drapery, even then it's lacking on frames, on 3's mostly :) Lip Sync is out of the window so is the lack of expression and jaw. Because I was just going to do it without thinking too much, I didn't bother with an X~Sheet and just churned the whole thing out. Now I know why the X~Sheet is like sooooo important for 2D, without it it's just so hard to plan the amount of frames for motion and lip sync, you're like groping for the timing and just guessing where the mouth shapes should be placed. With an X~Sheet it would feel less work too I guess, there are just so many frames you have to draw locked off and its all planned out in the sheet compared to straight ahead the whole thing and wondering if you will ever get it done, it's like a never ending flow of empty frames.

Anyway enjoy my crappy 2D :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stop Motion from Space

A really interesting perspective of a volcano eruption from space.