Saturday, November 19, 2011

EUFF 2011

I thought I'd share my opinions on the organisation of EUFF 2011 for Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist with Great Expectation screening at GSC 1Utama.

In short what had happened was that there was a lot of mis~communication/organisation in the Ticket Availability and where to purchase/collect the tickets. The lack of advertisement banner display at the makeshift booth regarding Ticket purchase for EUFF sc
reenings yet there were so many posters around but non at the actual ticket booth. Just by having the Seat Availability as Sold Out would have made potential general audience from asking any further questions regarding EUFF screenings when in fact there was a stack of free tickets to be given out if you had asked.

I was so very eager to catch Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist with Great Expectation film screening at GSC 1Utama this Saturday(19th/11) afternoon. To my surprise all the tickets were sold out in bold red letters when I got to the queue. I was already hesitating if I should just go home after being stressed out getting stuck in a jam just to catch this film which was sold out. To my luck they mentioned that it was redeemable for free at a counter at the entrance of the cineplex, apparently it was just a survey booth. I had to queue up a second time at the ticketing counter before they eventually pointed me to the right make shift table counter to redeem the tickets. Honestly it was quite an embarrassing sight; just a make shift table with no banners of any kind to advertise EUFF 2011, even though they had posters all over the place but non at this very important booth. A person passing by would have thought they were selling cotton candy as the booth was situated next to one. I was surprised again when the person in charge told me that I had printed out the wrong form to collect this particular screening, at that point I was pretty much about to just leave but since the screening has already started and I had explained to him that I was rushing to catch this screening that he kindly gave me both the screening tickets, for which I am grateful for. I was kinda irritated though that there was still a giant stack of tickets for those 2 screenings yet on the film time schedule display stated that it was sold out. True enough both screenings only had a handful of people, approximately a dozen which was maybe 8% of the hall seating and it was a small hall.

Anyway after all the fuss, I did enjoy both films as it's the first time I watched a Silent Black White and a classic Black White film. I was happy to have caught a screening of Sophie Scholl as well, it was a great film, one of the best films I've seen this year. Thanks for 2011 and I'm looking forward to EUFF 2012 but with better organisation.

Sophie Scholl is a must watch for facial and emotional studies, as well as a lot of secondary actions and small subtle gestures in a very stiff body motion. Lot's of slow intense interrogation drama with subtle facial changes which portrays the characters emotions.