Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kyle Balda Critic

The other day during the Master Class I asked Kyle Balda if he could give some feed back on my animation for 11 Second Club Nov '09 entry, and being the nice guy he is ~ he said yes, so here it is for your learning pleasure :)

Hi Marcus,

Unfortunately this particular piece of dialog doesn't allow much in the way of subtext or changes. he says what he feels and there are not really any emotional changes. So in terms of acting, its hard to do anything REALLY interesting other then what is obvious. having said that,. the only suggestions I think I can offer on this piece is that the lip-sync feels just a little bit off. It might be a good experiment to make the audio play a frame or two later. I understand the filmic reason for cutting away to the other characters but sometimes when the principle character is NOT talking is the best opportunity for the acting.

I guess the main thing you could ask yourself with this piece or if you are moving forward on another is "what is it the character is NOT saying, but is feeling and thinking" And show THAT! It will be far more interesting. And I think for that you need context, a situation. I think your work is good, there is not much to say technically, just think of the "story" for the next one. and what is the un-obvious and complicated emotion or idea that you as the animator can simply communicate?

Hope that helps!


Also check out his tutorial for 3D World;


If you guys got anything else to critic just post it up in the comments, I'll be refining this entry.

Happy New Year 2010!


  1. I have a bunch of thoughts on this but.. I feel my comments would probably be a 'might be just me' thing, I will try and point out some of the more obvious ones though. This is my humble 2 cents so don't feel obliged by them!! ^^;

    1.) Pacman's eyes seems off focus at some point, he looks like one of his eyes were going left and the other to the right at frame 111 or so. The eyes going off focus is also what threw me off on his thought process, because he looks strangely in 'daze' more like he was speaking those lines.

    2.) I'm not too sure why he looks up everytime he does a 'turn' to look at the other Ghost. Is there a particular reason why you did that? It was also one of the things that confused me what was he thinking because he didn't seems focused and was just following an arc smoothly for the sake of it.

    Overall, I couldn't really feel this character's agony that much, but the technical aspect of it was really good. I think you did a great job with the arc and maintaining the character on model pretty well. :)


  2. Thanks thanks, will factor in your critics during my revised version :)