Monday, January 25, 2010

Ever Seen An Animation Paper Puncher?


Where you can go to get B4 paper to do some punching.


  1. do you own one? out here they are very expensive i remember while in school me and my friends would get a hole bunch of paper and spending hours punching holes, that was 5 years a go and i still have one box left. How much do they go four over there

  2. I wish I do :) but I don't, thus the 4 boxes of B4 punched paper I have sitting in my room now.

    This particular one is from my previous Art College, and according to my ex lecturer he said that it was custom made somewhere in US and then imported over, it was like 3~4 thousand bucks. How much is it over at your side?

    Glad to know I'm not the only insane animator punching my own papers :) By he way you have some great caricature sketches, I suck at character sketch:)

  3. Thanks thanks. Aprreciate you for reading my blog :)