Tuesday, July 7, 2009

11 Second Club June 2009

I just wanted to get my hands back into 2D and break away from 3D for a while. It was refreshing and interesting. Firstly, I'll admit that it's horrible, it's off model, lack of frames, generic posses etc.... but it was sure fun and a hell lot of work :)

Oh got 34th/137 position with an average vote of 5.38. June's competition has a lot of great 2D entries, check out the excellent 2D animation winner ~ BJ Crawford.

The only thing I think is the best part of the whole animation is the sleeve drapery, even then it's lacking on frames, on 3's mostly :) Lip Sync is out of the window so is the lack of expression and jaw. Because I was just going to do it without thinking too much, I didn't bother with an X~Sheet and just churned the whole thing out. Now I know why the X~Sheet is like sooooo important for 2D, without it it's just so hard to plan the amount of frames for motion and lip sync, you're like groping for the timing and just guessing where the mouth shapes should be placed. With an X~Sheet it would feel less work too I guess, there are just so many frames you have to draw locked off and its all planned out in the sheet compared to straight ahead the whole thing and wondering if you will ever get it done, it's like a never ending flow of empty frames.

Anyway enjoy my crappy 2D :)


  1. woo~ the head seem like big n small in different frames >.<

  2. Oh finally you updated something other than the MJ memorial.

    Very good effort man i respect that *Cough
    Yea its good but i guess it turns out that the
    media which in this case is 2D has taken control over other stuff. Im sure you can create better expressions and acting choices when you dont have to think or worry about the media. Anyways..

    I think you could have also designed the character to be more cartoony looking so that way you wont be afraid to exxagerate certain expressions. When you have a humanly faced character you might tend to keep it in proportion most of the time so to me like the part "either im dead right" onwards, he was pretty pissed of and i believe the animation could have been pushed much further or exxagerated to hit that "High Note".

    OmG so long sorry... just my opinion and coming from a non animator you prolly dont have to pay too much attention lol. Im 2 cents poorer now man. But good job anyways and im sure u have made the best choices at that time. More man more!

  3. Simon, yup the head grows and shrinks.

    Mun, thanks for the critics and suggestions and you were right, I was focusing mainly on the 2d aspect of it :) So much to learn.

    By the way there's CGO part2 which I just uploaded but its Pre MJ post.

  4. How long did you get to complete this? Haha, I agree with Hoi Mun, the characters can be less 'realistic'. :D Although from your drawings I feel like you are leaning more towards the Anime style. That 2D animation you just showed made me felt how little I know about 2D animation too! Damn! :( I need to find time to get to 2D animation again for just 2 weeks or something.

    My critique would be keep your drawings very loose in the start. Try to capture the proportion down first before touching it up with details. And after the basic shape is captured you can slowly refine it better later. You need a very rough, silhouette like figure to move convincingly and nicely and not let the details overwhelm you. It's the biggest mistake I did during TOA time. :) Good luck.

  5. I thought it was quite un~realistic already.. the waist is like half the size of the body :) But yes I know what you guys mean.

    To answer your question Hammy it took about 16 or so days and yes I know it really took too long for this crappy stuff, I was sooooo confused about the timing and generally about 2D. I did however work quite rough in the begining for the body and gestures and neglected the face.... which is really a bad choice and why the facial is so limited and crappy as I straight aheaded to make the deadline :)

    Really need to work on 2D. Can't wait for Princess and the Frog. Pixar's UP!!!!!!!!!!! when is it ever going to reach this side of the world....