Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pot Luck Practice 02 ~ Norman Moonwalks

It's strange how somethings come around in a odd karma~tic sorta way. Before going down to Singapore for CGOverdrive last month I picked out MJ Moonwalk from my pot luck practice and come 3 weeks later MJ passes away.

It was going to be such a cliche animation but either way it would be great to study MJ's illusion of walking while gliding backwards, so I pulled out my Double Gold Disc MJ History album and MJ's one and only Moonwalker the movie. Things I'd had to take care was to make sure it looked convincing and that Norman was doing a sliding walk and not just floating backwards and the other thing was to make it look as though it had the illusion of weightlessness while trying to maintain some sort of weight to the animation itself, which in a way is an oxymoron for animation principles.

Anyway here it is, any feed back would be appreciated.


  1. Lol, Nicee... nice to see the feet slides slightly forward before sliding back again. Well its a lot of cycle though lol maybe add some variations to arm movement or head (Maybe he looks backwards),

    But anyway, maybe it was just a quickie so not much to comment on. I would personally prefer it to look a lil more wieghtless. MJ does it like he's floating (like no ups and downs each step) and like you said, against principles but depends on what your goal is.

    This is too simple for you man.. go do somethin else.. Haha..

  2. I agree with Tham, add some choreography to this piece it will be fun, hey check out a dance i did

  3. Mun & G1toons, yup, I did do some really "weightless" one's initially and thought that it was too weightless haha, but thanks for the feedback. I did tweak some timing changes to the feet but I think it's too subtle, some of the feet lags behind or slides more etc..

    I was going to add a gesture of him pointing backwards halfway through the walk and tried some other variations but the time just got too short and it was getting away from the main pracice ~ moonwalking, but yah I understand what you guys meant by adding some spice to this piece, might come back to it later :)

    G1toons, love the samba piece makes me want to sway :)