Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Votes Are In!

Just barely reaching 10th place with a rating of 6.59, guess have to try harder. After not watching it for the past 2 weeks and seeing it again with a fresh eye, I could see all the mistakes and wish I held some poses longer here and there to give it a bit more snappiness and added some subtle gestures etc. Currently it flows too linear from one pose to another which is one of my weak points in animation.

Well what's done is done, move on to the next one and try not to repeat the same mistakes....... like being hypnotized by the previews and believing that its the best work eva! ... because its never, there's always something to improve on.

Below are some of the more interesting critiques to consider, the Break Downs and Final.

Daniel P. Lane:

Great subtleties! Nice, clean motion. Very, clear staging and silhouette. Feels like he might be missing an antic before "and better still" I like how he interacts with the prop and the hand gestures. It might be cool if he does a little extra somewhere maybe thumbing the plane back and forth while he looks at it and thinks. Also, maybe at "well it's..." he could to a little side-to-side head shake as he finds the words to describe the experience. Over all I think you're matching the energy of the scene and character very well. Good job :)

~(Did do subtle thumbing in the beginning, guess not clear enough)~

Sam Caudill:

Very good! My only critique (and this is really nit-picky) would be to make the left hand arc for "see 'em fly" snap on fly instead of flowing into it.

M. Strohbehn:

Well done. His expressions appear genuine. From 80-120 it gets a little busy with hand motions. Love the juke box in the background and the setting.

~(I was afraid that was the problem, tried to hide it and some one caught it, proves that you can't get away if something just isn't working right)~

Richard Vaudrin:

Nice! I like the psychology of the character, great poses all the way through.

~(This would be the deepest critique I've gotten, thanks!)~

And to the rest who commented thanks for the feedback.

Break Down

Final Animation

Funny that nobody commented on the Eye Dart at frame 167. Initially there wasn't any but I decided to add that in just to add some small antic/details to break that monotonous head turn from looking at the plane all the time to the bar tender with the Front Profile, it also gave off a bit more mystery to the character like to question if he was really sincere or not.... maybe that's what
Richard Vaudrin's comment was about.


  1. Oh man! 11th place? thats pretty sweet man.. even animated the tie lol! great effort and i like the subtlties especially that eye thing he did. Im not sure what else to comment on. keep em coming

  2. Thanks, but in truth ... I was like 0.01 points ahead of 12th, haha. still weak lah, average only but thanks for the comment.

  3. SCHWEET stuff. I would say congrats still for getting to top 15, it's something!!

  4. Hey Thanks! Didn't expected to see you here :)

  5. Say, you know Jarold? Just in case, he is not the "Jared Lee" you know. This Jarold guy is our junior not the CD 30 guy. But im sure he wont mind the link anyways :D

    So this is the person you were telling me about?

  6. Oh....... didn't know that haha.. but his work is nice.

  7. just dropping by to say hi. cool stuff here dude, looking forward to seeing some more animations! nice meeting some of u guys today!

  8. Hey, Jose! Thanks, nice to meet you too the other night.

  9. Hi. Marcus.
    Very well done on the animation! I have seen lots of Passion Republic stuff, specially the latest game cinematic that you guys did.

    For this animation, the only nit picks i would say is putting more overlapping and 'successfully joint breakings', specially the moment he turn his head and body from side to front, you might wanna move the body turn first and delay slight few frames for the head and rest of the limbs.

    Anyway, you have done a good job!

  10. Hey, Wong Loon, thanks for the comments and critics.