Friday, June 5, 2009

Pot Luck Practice 01 ~ Diving Into ...

Randomly picking a piece of yellow paper with something written on it to practice animation. Time taken about 5 days on and off
. Overall I still feel its a bit floaty..... :(

Oh it's also my first time animating majority with Forward Kinetics (FK) arms and switching them to Inverse Kinetics (IK) when they contact surface, I still feel much more comfortable with IK arms being an IK animator from the begining. With FK arms I had to change a bit of how I usually animate, had to really start with the body and then work my way too the tip of the fingers, make sure the body animation, including shoulders, is more or less there if not you're just wasting time and going to have to reanimate the arms from shoulders onwards caused by FK.

Critiques and Comments are welcome.


  1. Found your blog!!! :) Lovely animation!! Great fall you have there! Although I'm not entirely sure why he was scared of outside the boat, then he sees someone shooting him, he runs back towards it? Overall it's great physic, but being an idiot I am with concept and ideas, I always ask who, what, why and all on these. Haha. I wish you could come to US to study, since I would very much like to learn a lot from you too for physics and animation mechanics! Haha!

    I think if you keep these animation up there's a high chance you can break into Singapore Lucasfilm!!

  2. Many thanks for finding my blog and commenting on it!

    I'm surprised you felt that he was scared of something outside the boat, and yes there's a shark fin which I animated previously but didn't use :)

    Well no, you're not an idiot and I do appreciate the questions of who why and what asked, it just makes the scene more interesting and convincing. But to answer your questions of who why and what, I just did the character animation for some body mechanics studies, weren't really focussing on the story and the gunshots was just added later for some fun details, nothing of importance.

    Well body mechanics is one of my stronger points in animation and its easier to learn once you understand the body structure, weight/inersia, and the movement you want to create compared to those sincere shots. Exercising is one of the best way to learn it :) ... though personally haven't been doing any since joining TOA. I'm a fat blob.

    And thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. Haha no problem Jin Liang, Hoi Mun told me that you are very much into animation. I'm actually not so much of an animator like Ben or you, I sometimes don't even know what I really am. I just like to tell stories through interesting characters and I thought animation was one of the medium I would like to know well enough to utilize for my stories but, animation is often a group effort thing as well so yeah..

    I think you can sort of figure out what problems are there in this, but I think as an animation piece itself it has very strong body mechanics alright. If there's problem in it then I'm really not good enough to further enhance it.. Haha! ><; I can try lookig frame by frame if there's a way I can do that.

    I like how you also did this in 4 seconds too. Keeping it short and sweet. :) I suppose I should try something like this and show you my blocking stage before I proceed another time. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Mun!

    Well I'd be lying if I told you that you aren't an animator. Your 2d works back in TOA were inspiring to me to work on my 2d animation, especially the grifin ones, coloured and all :)

    Everyone goes through that phase when we don't really know what we're doing with our lives and where we're heading. I do know one thing though, that what is learnt is always there for you to utilize in what ever decision you choose to make. There are many other options to tell stories other than animation such as comics, picture books or in any other medium one's most comfortable with :)

    By the way there was a clip on Mun's blog which might be of your interest:

    If you want I could send the Mov version and I would be interested on how you guys do your blocking stages.

  5. Aw, haha! those griffins are old. >.< If I am going to redo those I'd totally come up with new characters, but I did had a lot of fun with the animation! I like 2D animation a lot though.

    I think I should not be having this identity crisis thing at times like this, but stay focus on coming out with great works instead. Identity crisis is dangerous because it kicks you off your guard and it's better to let what you want to be come naturally to you as you work. I guess.

    I'm bombing your blog now Haha! But thanks for showing the Kiss from Tokyo too! That really reminds me of the Pixar artist's style they have today. My instructor told me that the Pixar artist basically worship this guy

    For his work's simplicity but strong composition and colors. It's super efficient as well. Anyhow, I will catch you on MSN than bombard you here. Hehe. :) All the best in your animation!! I will work hard too and be inspired by your works.

  6. Thanks Kotaro!

    No prob bombing my blog Hammy, I'm practically bombing half the posts here anyway :) Besides us not many people drops any comments so you're welcome to flood it as much as you want.

    Just checked out Tasahiro Uesugi's site, love it, love the minimalism and the flat 2d renditions yet deep atmosphere illustrations.

  7. Much heart to this, great animation, super fluid and appealing! :) I really want to see moreee