Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WaWa Chi Bears

So... when the fire in your inspiration and passion is lit, use it to work it all out before the flame withers out... which led me to postpone working on the 11sec May for the time being.

I started the first idea sketch on Wednesday night if I remembered correctly after listening continuously to Hirasawa Susumu's ~ "Shizuku Ippai no Kioku" the whole day while working on 11sec May competition, which I will be posting up soon

Anyway, animation wasn't that hard to do after all it's pretty loose and scribbly and initially was just planning to do like 4 drawings for each character to play around.... ultimately I couldn't help myself but to make it a bit more smoother than the constant cycle *on 8's. Because of the minimal drawings ~ 5 to be exact ~ for lipsync~ing "UP^" to the vocals, I found it interesting to play with the timing of the mouth shapes to create certain visual interpretation of the sounds, example; "What" by using a combination of "mm" "too" "aah" "eee", creates something more like "Mooaahht" and by using a combination of "aah" and "eee" you could create a sentence :)

The process that took the longest was not the animation which took about 2½ days, it was the endless cutting and splicing images while composting it into a clip.... the endless hours of listening to the track over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and again..... just to pinpoint where to put the drawings to lipsync as well as the instruments, no to mention tweaking the frames and waiting for the time slider to shift caused by the lag of what looks like 100 000 individual drawings, saving took about 3 mins.

Anyway, by the time you read this hopefully I've done uploading the clip to YouTube.... which is taking forever..... because it's about half a Gig :)
*Reuploaded a 50Mb version with better audio sync, watch In HQ... the default compression is crappy.


A small "problem" was that the actual song started to faded off near the end. Thus after brainstorming about it for like 3¼ of a sec, I stupendously added in the "Volume Reduce Gag", ain't our brains useful...

The term "on 8's" is a traditional 2d animation lingual for a drawings shot on 8 frames instead of the usual "on 1's" (1 drawing perframe) or "on 2's" (1 drawing on 2 frames). To put it in perspective, movies are usually on 24 frames persecond, your TV if it's NTSC format is 30 frames persecond and 25 frames persecond for PAL format. Other related thing to read up on; "
Persistance of Vision"

P.S. Kinda sick of listening to it already for the past 6 days, but still a hypnotic song non the less. Yah I'm brain washing you guys....... bears ...... bears ...... bears ....... bears......


  1. LOL, noicee..so yea, i suppose its mostly consisting of keyposes? But great effort man especially for a 5 minute thingy though it's just loops but there are efforts that goes unnoticed such as compositing the lip sync and all.. might just seem easy to ppl since its a very looping effect but they will miss the effort. Something one artist should consider if the effort is equavalent to the result. but im sure you're having fun either way so it does not matter in this case.. Loves this song too..

    All and all, great to see some works finally! Keep it up man! great start, now you just gotta keep the Faiyar Burnin... it's not easy but its not an option ;D lolsss.. moar!!!!

  2. Thanks thanks.... and yes the cycle was sort of easy but tedious to sync, I also tried very slight changes for the loops to break the monotonous like a double snare/ 3-1 Beat etc...

    Some of the sync is out, I'm currently uploading a 50MB, tweaked -2 frames audio sync now. The first time I rendered the clip, the lip sync for the front would fit perfectly and would start to lag near the end.... I think it's because the program was lagging as I kept adding the images which caused me to sync with the lag :(

    Non the less it was a grueling 6 days of tweaking the sync and playing around with the lip sync in JshaPanIsssshh.

  3. I'm so addicted to that track now.... :(

  4. wow a lot of work , very fun, what song is this it sounds like the song from paprika, nice work on your blog

  5. Yup it's a soundtrack from Paprika by Hirasawa Susumu's ~ "Shizuku Ippai no Kioku".

    Thanks for commenting.