Friday, May 8, 2009

Kick Starting My Bumming Butt

Firstly, Hello to my first official Bulletin Log Post ever!

This will be a short introductory of me and why I started this blog in the first place.

Being the person I am and the person I am is a lazy procrastinating one, I decided to take a leap of faith and stop work and live off my savings for a year in pursuit of training myself in the field of art and animation as well as my personal life of setting goals, chores and dreams I'd like to achieve within this one year span, starting off with waking up early, like before lunch and hopefully by 8am ....... which I have yet to achieve.

So...... that's a bit about me and you'll know more as the months roll on.

As for the Blog, I started it to force myself to document my studies and in short, to humiliate myself based on how well or horrible my progress is coming along. As well as share what I've learnt along the way.

(Daffy Duck Imitation)
As of now, it is truely and utterly despicable!

Why? Because I've yet to get into gear and according to my study schedule it's already 4 days in and I've only followed it half heartedly.......... which brings us to the creation of this first post.

So, welcome and thank you for reading this far! Grab some drinks, pillage some snacks, sit back and enjoy the this boring ride about me.


  1. Hahaah cool man! it's really fun to see ur blog here! well, keep it up with ur animation~ it would not boring if u showing great stuff here, & i'm sure u will~ good luck!

  2. yeah. flaunt ur great stuff. i'll be watching.

  3. *flies in on a dragon

    Hello hello.. good start... now you just gotta keep pumpin those shit out! I'll be watchin.

    *links you up and flies of on dragon

  4. Interesting...... I didn't know that Jaemy.C would know :)

    Anyway, thanks. Will be posting more very soon.