Saturday, December 5, 2009

11 Second Club November 2009


Woot 6th, again. Thanks for the votes and comments !

Initially was thinking of animating an alien in a cocoon, so I did some character exploration sketches, the bandaged dog with the cone of shame was in
spired by my own dog which had an ear infection and had to wear that cone, the other reason was to limit the animation to just facial.

I ended up going for Pac Man because I had one week to play around and I wanted something simple to animate as well as practice more on facial animation especially the mouth area, so what better character than a round sphere with his jaw half his whole body mass.

Also wanted to experiment gesturing with a simple sphere, it's limited but you'd be amaze with just some squash, stretch, tilting and timing of the sphere, one can portray some simple body expression of deflated, disbelief sadn
ess and directness, add it with a pair of eyes and a mouth and viola, you have facial gesturing.

Also experimented on f
ull motion distortion and distorted eye darts, I thought it would go horribly wrong but it came out quite alright I guess, except for some places....... but that's for you guys to find out :)

Crits & Comments are most welcomed.


Final Animation for now....

Break Down!

By the way the collaborated Pac Man skeleton sculpture is created by;

Le Gentil Garçon
François Escuilié (paleontologist)

Some of the more constructive comments & critics by 11second club members;


"Haha Packman addicted to the cream. Wow. Great concept and wonderful lipsync. I love the weight shifts on Packman. In fact, after noticing this I wished you made the Ghosts shift their weight when they looked at each other. Either way, tops in my book."

Ryan Hayford:

"The expression in this is excellent, and the reveal is great. I thought this was gonna be a talking head facial animation excersice and then the ghosts jumped in... maybe you could have given more backround, like more dots or part of the maze so we know right away it's pac-man."

Justin West:

"Wow, that's some really impressive 2D! Very bouncy and expressive! The only thing that didn't look quite right to me was the sobbing at the beginning. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe there's movement in the mouth, I don't know. Sorry I can't be more specific. Great work, otherwise! I won't be surprised if this wins. The ghosts are a great touch, btw!"

Robert Holmen:

"No cliched arm gestures in this one! extra star for that.

This is a great study in just "face"

Some of the gestures seem not to be timed quite right, like the last one for "whipped cream"

Jett Atwood:

"Finally! Something original! Great idea, well drawn. My only suggestion would be to layer the ghosts blinks a little bit. It's jarring to have them blink at the *exact same time.*

Great stuff and shows that good character animation can be done with something as simple as a sphere."

Emmanuel Vergne:

"The lipsync seems off."

*Note; I'm not 100% sure if the name links are linked to the right people, if it isn't please let me know immediately, thanks!

Thanks again for all the C&C you guys gave, I've read them all and just posted these selected few for readers and me who want to learn more on what works and what not.

Till the next round, December's clip sounds WILD!


  1. i just watched your animation, great, the part that really sold it is the reaction of the ghosts, that really pushed it over the edge, to think that the ghost had no idea how to react to the breakdown of pack man, I was rolling. my main notes were to have the mouth move more in an arc, for example when he says horror, the mouth moves to the screen right but in a flat motion , give those movements arcs and it really ads a nice organic feel to the motion, and with your piece being so cartoony you could exagerate it the arc, also when the ghosts blink dont have them blink exactly at the same time ovelap the action , you could also have one of the ghosts lean in the direction of the blink just to break it up a little.
    good job
    really fund idea

  2. Thanks for the feedback and critic. I agree with you on the ghost shot, it's very very crude animation just to fill in the frames because I was at my 11th hour and was focusing solely on Pac Man :) it'll definitely be one of the things I'll be fixing.


  3. I would like to see another full figure character animation again man!! Dont be lazy!! >:P lols

  4. Great stuff budy, your animation looked fantastic, great way to focus on facial acting, I thnink I need to do something along the same lines. Heep them coming!

  5. Mun ~ Thanks and I would like to see more of your concept art works, Don't be lazy !!!! Haha!

    Trent Correy ~ Thanks, and I found that having fun with animation is the fastest and best way to learn it. Keep it simple too :)